About Us

eVTOL.com is a new online publication from MHM Publishing, publishers of Vertical and Skies magazines. Since our founding in 2002, we’ve provided award-winning coverage of conventional vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with Vertical now the largest and most trusted helicopter magazine in the world. Now, with the emergence of a new class of electric and hybrid electric VTOL aircraft, we’ve created eVTOL.com to provide focused, in-depth coverage of this emerging industry. Our editorial team brings decades of experience in writing about aviation and technology.

Want to join us? We’re actively seeking industry experts to provide comment and analysis, as well as talented freelance contributors who are interested in covering this emerging space. Please email [email protected] to learn more.

Headshot of editor Elan Head

Elan Head

Editorial director Elan Head has been a professional journalist since 1998 and a commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor since 2006. For the past decade, she has combined her passions by writing about the helicopter industry, with a focus on operations and safety. She has received numerous accolades for her work, including awards from the National Press Club, Aerospace Media Awards, and Helicopter Association International. Now she is excited to be writing about — and hopefully soon flying — a new generation of VTOL aircraft, and has recently moderated panels for Bell and the Vertical Flight Society on the Electric VTOL Revolution. Follow her on Twitter @elanhead.

Headshot of editor Elan Head

Brian Garrett-Glaser

Brian Garrett-Glaser is the managing editor of eVTOL.com, covering how electric vertical flight will change the airspace and the world. Before his big break as a flying car journalist, Brian hosted a podcast on intelligence and national security, worked on Capitol Hill and studied conflict resolution at George Mason University. Brian currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife and cat.

Headshot of editor Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Contributing editor Eric Adams is a longtime transportation and technology journalist and analyst, having been a regular contributor to Wired, Gear Patrol, Forbes, and The Drive in addition to holding senior staff editor positions at Popular Science and Air & Space/Smithsonian. He's covered everything from the dawn of private space travel — including observing the X-Prize-winning flights of Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne in 2004 — to high-profile aviation accident investigations to, now, the emergence of aeromobility. He speaks regularly at industry forums and in the media, serves as a juror for multiple annual technology awards programs, and is also a professional photographer. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @EricAdams321, or visit his website.

Headshot of editor Oliver Johnson

Oliver Johnson

Associate editor Oliver Johnson is the editor-in-chief of Vertical Magazine, and has been covering the helicopter industry since joining MHM Publishing in 2012. He was the 2019 winner of Helicopter Association International’s Excellence in Communications Award for his editorial expertise and original journalism. He has also overseen award-winning content in Vertical, including the issue recognized as a Silver Winner in the 2019 National Magazine Awards: B2B. Follow him on Twitter @ORJohnson_.