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Adveneco sustainable energy development aims to include eVTOLs

A proposed sustainable property development in the U.K. featuring offices, hotels and other amenities powered by renewable energy is putting eVTOL platforms at the heart of its ambitions.

Adveneco eVTOL concept
Adveneco Ltd. is already starting to think about how eVTOL aircraft might be incorporated into its proposed development. Adveneco Image

Adveneco Ltd, an acronym for “Advanced Energy & Ecological Concepts,” is applying to develop a site in Dorney in Buckinghamshire, England, with the proposal featuring offices, at least one hotel, apartments, shops, restaurants, cafés and more. The project will be based on renewable energy, with urban air mobility (UAM) and eVTOL seen as a key element of this goal, representing a sustainable mode of transport.

“It is reasonable to assume that this mode of highly sustainable emerging transport will not only cater for incoming guests, but will also be a significant part of journeys to local visitor and tourist attractions,” noted Adveneco in the design and access statement related to the project.  

Project director Andrew Stephenson told that the developers believe eVTOL represents an increasingly affordable option, particularly when they are eventually able to operate autonomously, providing more room for additional passengers. This would open the domain to a wider range of users, he noted. Adveneco is keen to be in the vanguard of what Stephenson believes is a major element of the future of transportation.

“Look at how many billions are spent on the road networks: motorway construction and main road construction is absolutely massive in terms of capital costs, environmental costs, and of course the upkeep as well,” he said. “Would it not be better to put money into developing new emerging transport solutions, of which eVTOLs will become one of the major components?” 

Stephenson expects it will take until perhaps the middle of 2021 to obtain full planning permission. Adveneco is already in negotiations with a range of eVTOL manufacturers, with the aim of incorporating the design criteria of the successful company or companies into the final, full planning application, in terms of the landing and energy infrastructure that might be required.

“The cost of putting that in from day one is irrelevant, really, when compared to retrofitting the buildings” at a later date, he said. “There’s nothing to stop us putting landing facilities in place . . . as and when this does happen.”

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