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Brian Garrett-Glaser joins eVTOL.com as managing editor

The MHM Publishing website eVTOL.com is pleased to announce the addition of Brian Garrett-Glaser as managing editor to lead its continued coverage of the urban air mobility industry and electric vertical flight. Previous managing editor Elan Head will remain involved with the site in her capacity as MHM Publishing’s editorial director.

Brian Garrett-Glaser joins eVTOL.com as managing editor to continue expanding MHM Publishing's focus on this emerging area of aviation.
Brian Garrett-Glaser joins eVTOL.com as managing editor to continue expanding MHM Publishing’s focus on this emerging area of aviation.

Before joining eVTOL.com, Garrett-Glaser led coverage of eVTOLs and UAM at Avionics International, where he created and authored a biweekly newsletter on technology trends, key players and regulatory activity that quickly became a must-read source of news and analysis on the emerging industry. He broke stories on AirMap’s search to replace its CEO, critical elements of how the Federal Aviation Administration plans to implement remote identification for drones, and interviewed countless industry players about broader trends associated with the development and use of air taxis.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the excellent platform and brand of eVTOL.com to continue covering this exciting industry,” Garrett-Glaser said. “The revolutionary technologies, shoot-for-the-moon visionaries and difficult integration questions that define the pursuit of advanced air mobility and electric vertical aircraft require careful coverage over the next few critical years, and eVTOL.com will provide that.”

Although the broader aviation industry has largely accepted that eVTOLs are here to stay and can offer vast improvements over existing helicopters in certain applications, many questions remain on their path to certification, the identification of correct use cases, the eventual size of the air taxi market and the creation of sustainable supply chains, according to Garrett-Glaser — questions he expects will undergird eVTOL.com’s reporting moving forward.

“Air taxi advocates are also rightly concerned with public acceptance surrounding these new aircraft and integration of an entirely new form of mobility into city and regional transportation structures. This is not inevitable,” Garrett-Glaser said.

According to MHM Publishing co-owner Mike Reyno, the addition of Garrett-Glaser to the eVTOL.com team reflects the company’s commitment to covering this dynamic frontier of vertical flight.

“Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the eVTOL industry has continued to grow and innovate, and we have, too,” he said. “We expect this new generation of aircraft to play an outsized role in the future of aviation, and are positioning ourselves to be the authoritative publication on the sector. Brian is the perfect person to take eVTOL.com to the next level.”

On Thursday, Oct. 8, Garrett-Glaser will moderate a discussion between eVTOL industry leaders at the Vertical Flight Society’s Forum 76.

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