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Dufour Aerospace partners with Savback Helicopters to distribute eVTOLs in Scandinavia

Dufour Aerospace is extending its reach into Scandinavia through a partnership with helicopter sales and marketing company Savback Helicopters.

Dufour Aerospace Aero3 Savback
Swiss eVTOL developer Dufour Aerospace is partnering with Savback Helicopters to market and distribute its Aero3 aircraft in Scandinavia. Dufour Aerospace Image

The Swiss eVTOL developer announced today that it is partnering with the Sweden-based helicopter distributor to exclusively represent Dufour Aerospace’s eight-seat Aero3 aircraft in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.

“Savback Helicopters is a reliable, experienced partner, well-positioned to promote our Aero3 aircraft in Scandinavia,” said Thomas Pfammatter, CEO and co-founder of Dufour Aerospace, in a press release. “It makes us proud that such an experienced company strongly anchored in the helicopter market believes in the real potential of our vision, designs, and team.”

Dufour Aerospace revealed the design and specifications for its Aero3 tilt-wing eVTOL last summer. With six propellers distributed across the main wing and two smaller propellers on the tail, the piloted hybrid-electric aircraft is targeting a cruise speed of 350 kilometers per hour (215 miles per hour), range of 1,020 km (630 mi), and useful load of 750 kilograms (1,650 pounds).

The company confirmed with that it expects to build its first full-scale prototype and begin flight testing this year, working toward certification with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency by the end of 2025 or in 2026. The eVTOL developer is focusing on applications that do not require new infrastructure, such as air ambulance or search and rescue operations.

Dufour Aerospace produces a series of Aero aircraft — its Aero2 is slated to be the company’s first commercially available aircraft, targeting production in 2023.

“We are proud of this partnership, as it shows that Dufour Aerospace trusts both our vast experience and our network in the aviation industry,” said Reja Savbäck, CEO of Savback Helicopters. “We strongly believe that Dufour Aerospace’s eight-seater Aero3 provides options for both today’s helicopter market, as well as new use cases, which its cutting-edge technology opens up for us.”

Savback Helicopters has more than three decades of experience selling and marketing helicopters. Its partnership with Dufour Aerospace gives it a stake in the advanced air mobility sector.

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