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EHang appoints new independent director, Dongming Wu

The autonomous aerial vehicle developer EHang has announced the appointment of Dongming Wu to the company’s board of directors, effective June 1, 2020. Wu will also serve as a member of the board’s audit committee.

Dongming Wu EHang
Dongming Wu is a member of EHang’s board of directors as of June 1. EHang Photo

According to an EHang press release, Wu has been determined to satisfy the “independence” requirements under Rule 10A-3 of the United States Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 5605 of the Nasdaq Stock Market Rules. The board’s audit committee will now consist of three independent directors, including Conor Chia-hung Yang and Haoxiang Hou, in addition to Wu.

Wu has over three decades of experience in the global delivery and logistics industry and has served as a managing director of DHL-Sinotrans since May 2003. He also currently serves as the CEO of DHL Express China and is a global management board member of DHL Express.

“We are greatly honored to have Mr. Wu to join us as our independent director,” stated EHang founder and CEO Huazhi Hu. “With Mr. Wu’s over 30 years’ valuable experience in the global delivery and logistics industry and in general business administration, we truly believe that having Mr. Wu on our board will bring his valuable industry insights and international management experience, facilitate our [strategic] development, especially in respect of the air logistics business, and enhance the corporate governance of our company.”

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  1. Ehang passenger drone upgrade required.

    Dear Dongming Wu,

    Shang needs Airbus Vahana 8 motor and two wing passenger drone WITH PILOTS.

    Gain public confidence with pilot and parachute, Wings on a eight motor passenger drone.

    Solve navigation issues Google Self Drive car could not, sponsor Uber Air taxi service and ask Space Force to train pilots for urban city travel and New Zealand as a pilot training school along with Space Port America New Mexico and Virgin Orbit Mojave desert California.

    Computers cannot outfly a bird strike at low altitude but pilots can and see better.
    Winged drones fly more stable, less fuel and longer battery life.
    Use American manganese battery recycling 100% system.

    Or go bankrupt and lose China promotion by autonomous vehicles flying badly in poor weather.

    Yours sincerely,

    Philip Miller

    For details of Vahana Airbus passenger drone, Google its name.
    Space Force will train the Uber Air taxi pilots if ehang put wings on their drone and give it a safety pilot seat.

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