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Element 1 and Nexa Capital aim to advance hydrogen electric flight

To accelerate the introduction and commercialization of fuel cells for hydrogen powered flight, Oregon-based Element 1 Corporation has teamed up with Nexa Capital Partners, a financial and economic advisory company in Washington, D.C.

methanol to hydrogen generator
An Element 1 L series methanol-to-hydrogen generator. Nexa Image

Element 1 produces methanol-to-hydrogen generators for fuel cell application in aerospace. The company’s president and CEO Dave Edlund believes the technology will “significantly extend the range of EVAs [electric vertical aircraft] beyond what may be typically achieved using onboard compressed hydrogen.”

The company claims to produce a scalable methanol-to-hydrogen generator that, when combined with fuel cells, can generate onboard power for propulsion, as well as recharge onboard batteries.

“Hydrogen-powered electric systems are about to change aviation the same way the jet engine revolutionized air travel 70 years ago,” said Michael Dyment, managing partner at Nexa who was appointed to the Vertical Flight Society’s eVTOL Hydrogen Council earlier this year. “[With] Element 1, our investment strategy now has a unique technology partner that shares our commitment to a green hydrogen aviation future.”

hydrogen generator
Element 1 claims to produce a scalable methanol-to-hydrogen generator for onboard aircraft and ground infrastructure components. Nexa Image

According to a company-issued press release, renewable methanol produced from biomass, wind and other processes cuts carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95%, and reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 90% when compared to conventional fuels. Sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions are also completely eliminated.

The companies plan to tap into the policies and funding from the recently enacted $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to introduce the technology into the aerospace manufacturing supply chain as soon as they can.

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