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Eve partners with EDP to study eVTOL charging infrastructure

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions has announced a partnership with the Brazilian wing of EDP to collaborate on the research and development of urban air mobility (UAM) charging infrastructure. The signed memorandum of understanding will see the companies conduct research on operational models of electric charging solutions that will be required when Eve launches its eVTOL aircraft, according to a press release.

Eve eVTOL with EDP charger
Following their initial collaborative research, Eve and EDP will evaluate the development of a viable UAM energy infrastructure, the companies said. Eve Image

EDP is one of the largest private companies specializing in the transmission and commercialization of electricity, serving about 3.5 million customers in Brazil alone. Through its Innovation team and venture capital investment unit in Brazil, EDP will assist Eve in studying technology and equipment for charging eVTOLs at vertiports, as well as aspects related to energy supply and management, operational logistics, payment interfaces, and more.

This is not the first time EDP has shown interest in sustainable aviation. Embraer — the parent company that incubated Eve through its EmbraerX division — partnered with EDP in 2020 to conduct ongoing electric aircraft research using a fixed-wing demonstrator model. According to EDP, the company has a commitment to electrify 100% of its fleet by 2030, among other initiatives to promote decarbonization.

“Our collaboration with EDP is an important building block for Eve as we work to bring our zero-emission eVTOL to market,” stated Andre Stein, Eve’s president and CEO. “Energy analysis and infrastructure solutions are incredibly important in contributing to carbon reduction and ensuring we are meeting industry goals. For us at Eve, this is the next step in preparing the UAM ecosystem for the future of urban flight.”

This “next step” builds on a growing list of partnerships that will help Eve establish that UAM ecosystem. In the past six weeks alone, Eve has announced orders for its air taxis from Directional Aviation and Helisul, plus partnerships with flight booking service providers Ascent in the Asia-Pacific market and Blade Air Mobility in Florida and on the West Coast of the U.S. Eve also announced an infrastructure partnership with Skyports in Asia and the Americas. Most recently, Eve partnered with Beacon to utilize its maintenance coordination platform.

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