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Eve launches ticket sales for UAM simulation in Rio de Janeiro

The Embraer spinoff Eve Urban Air Mobility is set to launch a month-long urban air mobility (UAM) simulation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a Bell 505 helicopter standing in for the eVTOL air taxi Eve plans to bring to market by 2026.

Eve Rio de Janeiro UAM
Flights between RIOgaleã and the Mario Henrique Simonsen Business Center (CEMHS) in Barra da Tijuca will preview a future in which UAM in Rio de Janeiro is affordable and routine. Eve Image

Tickets went on sale this week on Flapper, an on-demand flight booking platform that is part of Eve’s UAM working group in Rio. Flights will be offered both ways between the upscale suburb of Barra da Tijuca and Tom Jobim International Airport – RIOgaleão. 

Currently advertised at just BRL 99.90 (around US$18), the 15-minute flights will be substantially cheaper than the market rate for helicopter services, with prices closer to those expected for future UAM aircraft. They will be offered six times a day from Nov. 8 to Dec. 6 and will be operated by Helisul Aviação, with the global airport services company Universal Aviation running ground services. 

Prior to booking, customers are required to acknowledge that they’ll be flying on a helicopter, not an actual eVTOL aircraft. However, Eve plans to offer an immersive augmented reality experience at both boarding points where passengers can preview the all-electric air taxi the company is developing. 

While each passenger will be limited to just 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of luggage, small dogs and cats in kennels will be welcome. So will wheelchairs, in keeping with Eve’s commitment to serving all passengers, including those with disabilities.

Eve Rio de Janeiro helicopter
A single-engine Bell 505 helicopter will play the role of Eve’s eVTOL air taxi during the month-long simulation in Rio de Janeiro. Eve/Flapper Photo

“Eve’s human-centered approach to development seeks practical validation of concepts and assumptions that will help us understand and address the key challenges associated with delivering the service,” Eve CEO André Stein stated in a press release. 

“Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities with the worst traffic in the world, and the simulation will help us to survey the real needs of users, partners, and the community who will benefit from our mobility solutions.” 

The simulation, which will be monitored by Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), is part of a larger effort to develop a concept of operations for UAM in the country. 

The vertiport developer Skyports and energy company EDP are also collaborating with Eve on the project, as are two other Embraer ventures: Beacon, an aviation maintenance services platform developed by EmbraerX; and the Embraer Group company Atech, which is responsible for air traffic management in Brazil. 

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