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Podcast: Talking eVTOLs with Vertical’s Rotor Radio

With billions of dollars in investment flowing into the space driven largely by a Jetsons-like vision of air taxis flying above congested city roads, the eVTOL sector has drawn a lot of skepticism from knowledgeable aviation enthusiasts who know how difficult it is to certify a new aircraft, let alone overhaul the airspace system and safely remove the human pilot from an aircraft.

Rotor Radio by Vertical Magazine
eVTOL.com managing editor Brian Garrett-Glaser joined Rotor Radio to talk about reality and hype behind the eVTOL movement.

Brian Garrett-Glaser, our managing editor, recently joined Vertical Magazine‘s Rotor Radio podcast to discuss the hype and reality behind eVTOLs with host Dan Parsons, editor of Vertical Valor, including likely initial applications of these aircraft and some of the innovative activities that will benefit the rest of aviation regardless of the success of eVTOLs.

What's next for eVTOL: Hype, hysteria, and still room for helicopters Rotor Radio from Vertical Magazine

Billions of dollars worth of private capital investment is flowing into the development of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, spurred in large part by the futuristic, Jetsons-like vision of air taxis moving people around heavily congested cities. How much realism is there to this vision, and what other, perhaps more likely, applications will we see for these eVTOLs?Brian Garrett-Glaser, managing editor of Vertical's sister publication eVTOL.com joins Rotor Radio to discuss air taxis, the possibilities of electric propulsion, technologies emerging from the sector and how these aircraft will augment helicopters. 
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Listen to the episode above, or search for Rotor Radio on your preferred podcasting app.

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