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GORE announces new high-performance wires for electric aircraft

Following market trends toward aircraft electrification, W. L. Gore & Associates released its new GWN3000 Series of high-performance aerospace wires with tolerance for greater voltages and superior mechanical strength and electrical reliability, capable of delivering the power that can replace systems reliant on combustion, hydraulics and pneumatics.

GORE Aerospace Wires
GORE’s new GWN3000 series of high-performance wires has been developed with the performance requirements of electric aircraft in mind. W.L. GORE & Associates Image

“Electrical wire interconnection systems (EWIS) deliver the lifeblood of electric VTOL aircraft,” Jim Carothers, product manager at GORE told “In traditional aerospace systems, designers can manage EWIS reliability through cable routing selections or by adding materials to act as mechanical buffers where necessary. Electric VTOL aircraft, though, have conflicting needs at the system level. As with all aircraft, reliability is a priority, but these vehicles are densely packaged and every effort is made by designers to minimize vehicle weight and optimize payload.”

To meet the needs of eVTOL aircraft, Carothers said the new wires increase the reliability of EWIS systems without adding weight in comparison to existing wiring technologies, with the added benefit of mechanically durable insulation that won’t degrade when exposed to harsh chemicals or humidity and easily tolerates wide temperature ranges.

“The end result is a new type of wiring insulation that can more reliably deliver the energy the electric VTOL systems need without burdening the vehicle with excess weight,” Carothers said.

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