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Helisul order for up to 50 eVTOL aircraft adds to Eve’s momentum

Eve Urban Air Mobility, a spinoff of Embraer, has announced a partnership with Latin American helicopter operator Helisul Aviation that includes an order for up to 50 of Eve’s eVTOL air taxis.

Eve eVTOL air taxi
Eve is developing a four-passenger eVTOL air taxi for the UAM market. CEO Andre Stein said the company has been flying scaled proof-of-concept models since last October and expects to fly a full-scale demonstrator “very soon.” Eve Image

According to a press release, deliveries of the vehicles are expected to start in 2026 for urban air mobility (UAM) operations in Brazil. The announcement comes just a week after Eve announced an order from Directional Aviation’s Halo brand for 200 eVTOL aircraft, with first deliveries also scheduled for 2026. Halo, a VIP helicopter operator, will launch Eve’s UAM services in the U.S. and the U.K.

Terms of the orders were not disclosed. Eve and Helisul said they plan to begin their partnership working together in a proof of concept operation, using helicopters in order to validate parameters that will apply to future eVTOL operations. Brazil’s major cities are already among the world’s largest markets for UAM flights using helicopters, and Embraer subsidiary Atech provides air traffic management services in the country.

“Our partnership with Helisul Aviation allows us to disrupt Brazil’s already large air taxi infrastructure and it is well positioned for the future of flight transportation,” stated Andre Stein, Eve’s president and CEO. “Our team will provide comprehensive services, including urban air traffic management solutions, while benefiting from Helisul’s unique market position.”

“With cities growing bigger and traffic more and more congested, our partnership to build intelligent solutions and practices for urban mobility in the big cities will improve quality of life reducing air pollution and moving times with door-to-door transportation,” added Luis Carlos Munhoz da Rocha, commercial director of Helisul Aviation.

The companies said they aim to “develop new services and procedures that, together with communities and other industry stakeholders, can create a safe and scalable operating environment for eVTOL operations to expand, focusing on critical aspects to design for all users, including how to maximize accessibility and inclusiveness in vertiports and eVTOL boarding operations.”

Eve has been proactive in designing its eVTOL air taxi to accommodate diverse users, including passengers with disabilities. In a recent interview with, Stein pointed out that designing for accessibility is not only good for public relations, it could be critical to enabling the high-tempo operations on which the UAM business case is based.

“It is something that’s not only about inclusiveness, but it’s good business,” he said, highlighting the importance of optimizing turnaround times. “If you are not ready to receive someone that has a special need, you’re going to be on the ground for quite some time to put someone on board that is coming in a wheelchair, for example. And to do that in a helicopter today, that’s quite challenging.”

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