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Hyundai partners with ANRA on advanced air mobility technologies

Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Division has announced a partnership with drone operations and traffic management provider ANRA Technologies to develop an operating infrastructure for the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.

Hyundai ANRA
Hyundai said its partnership with ANRA is the first in a series of air traffic management partnerships it plans to establish in pursuit of an AAM operating ecosystem. Hyundai Image

The partnership will allow ANRA to provide input and strategic insight on Hyundai’s concept of operations for its eVTOL and AAM ventures. Beyond that, both companies will work together to research and inform regulatory decisions and advance other infrastructure projects, according to a press release.

“We are pleased to partner with ANRA Technologies to begin building toward the safe and efficient integration of AAM into existing airspace,” stated Pamela Cohn, chief operating officer of Hyundai’s UAM Division, which announced its eVTOL vehicle concept at CES in 2020 and is working toward the launch of commercial operations by 2028.

“As an emerging mobility solution, it is critical diverse parties work together to co-create the AAM ecosystem, including its necessary digital and physical infrastructure,” Cohn continued. “ANRA brings a unique background of operational history in the drone services sector that will help define the operating environment for all AAM vehicles.”

ANRA said its SmartSkies microservices architecture will allow AAM airspace management to scale in accordance with relevant regulations and policies anywhere in the world. The platform encompasses mission planning, strategic deconfliction, tracking and monitoring, constraints management, authorization, and registration. According to ANRA, its service is the only airspace solution providing commercial AAM services to both NASA and European AAM initiatives.

“ANRA’s SmartSkies family of airspace management solutions have been proven worldwide and provide the critical support required for complex AAM operations at scale,” said ANRA Technologies CEO Amit Ganjoo. “We take a long-term view in everything we do as a company and are looking forward to integrating our advanced technologies with the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group’s AAM ecosystem and sharing our knowledge and experience to ensure the success of our partnership and help move our industry safely forward.”

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