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Jaunt Air Mobility, PRICE Systems, PS&S form Access Skyways aerial mobility services group

The eVTOL aircraft developer Jaunt Air Mobility has announced the formation of Access Skyways, a group of companies it will work with to provide expertise related to the establishment of advanced air mobility services globally. Initial partners are PRICE systems, a cost estimation and research firm, and architecture and engineering services provider PS&S.

Jaunt Air Mobility's Journey aircraft
Jaunt Air Mobility is behind schedule on development of its Journey eVTOL aircraft. Jaunt Image

Access Skyways is intended to assist potential aircraft customers with services related to eVTOL operations, such as vertiport construction and supply-and-demand modeling. Jaunt, an Uber Elevate vehicle partner as well, is the only vehicle manufacturer in the organization at the moment, but other OEMs will be considered as additional partners, according to a company spokesperson.

“We are committed to supporting operators in addressing the requirements to facilitate the integration of this generation of environmentally friendly aircraft,” said Martin Peryea, who was recently named CEO of Jaunt after the board of directors removed founder Kaydon Stanzione from that position earlier this month.

Access Skyways flywheel of services
Image of Access Skyways’ planned range of services. Jaunt Image

Despite established supplier agreements with Tier 1 aerospace companies — Triumph Aerostructures, BAE Systems and Honeywell are all on board — Jaunt has struggled to meet its targets on development of the Journey aircraft, which incorporates slowed-rotor technology acquired from Carter Aviation. According to the company’s website, the Journey’s timeline for certification and full-rate production has now slipped to 2026.

But PRICE systems, which is working with a number of eVTOL aircraft developers, sees Jaunt as a top contender in the market.

“One of the reasons why we are partnering with Jaunt in the Access Skyways partnership is that Jaunt is one of only a few develops who put as much emphasis on ecosystem development and market entrance strategy, as much as their core vehicle development,” Nate Sirirojvisuth, senior cost research analyst at PRICE, told “Additionally, the Access Skyways partnership gives us the opportunity to better understand the variables that are important for realizing air taxi service and understand how various stakeholders can plan for the future.”

Jaunt is confidently proceeding with its Series A fundraise, however, and intends to continue establishing potential customer relationships through Access Skyways, offering the expertise of partner companies to pursue markets outside of Uber’s initial targets of Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and Melbourne, Australia.

“As a company, we recognize the importance of developing operational requirements to design safe and accessible vertiports,” said Simon Briceno, chief commercial officer of Jaunt. “Our Access Skyways partners bring significant experience to the process — from concept to operations.”

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