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Lilium and Helity partner to bring the Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft to southern Spain

Helity Copter Airlines is looking to use the Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft to provide premium and business charter flights to its customers in Spain.

Lilium and Helity Copter Airlines have signed an agreement, which includes an initial pre-order of five aircraft from Lilium, used to develop an eVTOL network in Andalusia. Lilium Image

Under an agreement signed with the German eVTOL startup, Helity intends to initially pre-order five aircraft from Lilium, used to develop an eVTOL network in Andalusia.

Antonio Barranco, CEO and owner of Helity, calls the Lilium Jet “a great addition to our existing helicopter fleet.”

The Lilium Jet is designed to transport either four passengers in a spacious “club cabin” or six passengers in a shuttle cabin, which Barranco said makes it “very well-suited to address the premium and business traffic in the region.

The eVTOL company recently selected Tier 1 aerospace supplier Diehl Aviation to collaborate on the design and development of its cabin, as well as act as the integrator and manufacturer for interior components.

Helity offers helicopter shuttle flights between Ceuta, Algeciras, and Málaga, Spain, as well as private charter flights in southern Spain — transporting around 300,000 passengers between Ceuta and the Spanish peninsula to date.

“Southern Spain attracts a high demand of premium tourism,” said Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium. “Combined with Helity’s great local expertise and experience in the operation of helicopters, as well as the hiring of highly-skilled pilots, we have ideal conditions for the development of a sustainable air mobility network in the region.”

Lilium announced on July 21 that it has selected Diehl Aviation to collaborate on the design and development of its Lilium Jet cabin. Lilium Image

The partnership with Helity opens the door for Lilium to introduce regional air mobility (RAM) in Spain, but the German eVTOL company is not new to the region. Lilium is currently carrying out its flight test program using its fifth-generation technology demonstrator at the ATLAS Flight Test Center in southern Spain.

This is now the third region that Lilium has announced its intention to expand into this week. During the Farnborough International Airshow, the eVTOL company said it planned to partner with AAP Aviation Group and ASL Group to launch RAM services in Scandinavia and the Benelux region, respectively. Those partnerships also include plans to develop vertiport sites.

Lilium has also attracted the attention of offshore helicopter operator Bristow Group, which is interested in potentially purchasing 50 Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft. Bristow also intends to provide Part 145 maintenance services for the Lilium Jet’s launch network with Ferrovial in Florida, and other future U.S and European markets.

All of these partnerships are subject to the companies finalizing commercial terms and entering into definitive agreements.

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  1. The scenario of the upper image is very unlikely if not nonsense.
    The Lilium Jet comes from Marocco (Africa) and is facing the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. To come to Andalusia (Spain) at the horizon, it has to cross the Airport of Gibraltar at the end of the rock – which is used by several airlines and the Royal Airforce of Great Britain.
    Nevertheless – it´s a beautiful collage.

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