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Lilium partners with Aernnova for propulsion mounting system

German eVTOL developer Lilium has selected Aernnova to develop the propulsion mounting system for its Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft.

Lilium Luxaviation
Lilium is partnering with Aernnova to develop the propulsion mounting system for its Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft. Lilium Image

The company said its propulsion mounting system, or “flap,” is the structure that forms the back part of the wings and front aerofoils — a major component for the aircraft, producing lift by interacting with the airflow from the engine.

The propulsion mounting system also houses the propulsion and vectoring systems responsible for vertical and horizontal flight.

The company said electric jet engines that are integrated into the wing flaps provide the aircraft with advantages in payload, aerodynamic efficiency, and a lower noise profile. It also provides thrust vector control to help the pilot maneuver the eVTOL in every phase of flight.

The companies will work together to develop the propulsion mounting system, which Lilium said will feature a complex and integrated design that’s modular and scalable, while serving multiple functions. It will utilize lightweight materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy.

Headquartered in Spain, Aernnova is a Tier 1 aerospace supplier that provides aerostructure for companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bell Helicopters, and Sikorsky.

“Aernnova is an industry leader for customized design and manufacture of metallic and composite assemblies, which makes them an ideal partner,” said Yves Yemsi, Lilium’s chief operating officer, in a press release. “It is important to us that we collaborate with the best aerospace suppliers and leverage their expertise.”

The move follows the company’s announcement earlier this week to enlist Honeywell and Denso to develop the 30 electric motors for its Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft.

Lilium is aiming to develop an eVTOL for regional air mobility, targeting 2025 to receive type certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  

The company said it plans to build its first conforming aircraft in 2023, and until then, Lilium is continuing its flight test program at the ATLAS Test Flight Center in Spain with its Phoenix 2 eVTOL technology demonstrator.

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