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Nexa Capital Partners launches Urban Air Mobility Geomatics

Nexa Capital Partners has launched a new business intelligence entity aimed at accelerating investment into eVTOL aircraft and urban air mobility (UAM).

NASA Urban Air Mobility
Nexa Capital Partners believes that the UAM opportunity is arguably a trillion-dollar market. NASA Image

Called Urban Air Mobility Geomatics, LLC, the venture will leverage analytical tools and advanced models, supported by geospatial data and business case analysis.

According to Michael Dyment, managing partner of Nexa Capital Partners, “The industry has an urgent need of improved reliability of market forecast information as well as relevant geocoded data pinpointing heliports, hospitals, power lines, airports, airspace boundaries, and even corporate headquarters, in order to start planning eVTOL networks for the world’s major cities.”

The new venture comes shortly after the release of Nexa’s “Urban Air Mobility – Economics and Global Markets” report, which forecast that between now and 2040, the industry will serve 1.3 billion passengers and will need 28,000 vehicles to service demand.

Nexa’s market study also found that much of the current market intelligence available is “outdated, grossly inaccurate, or unsupported by data.” For example, the company said, its study identified thousands of heliports representing over $4 billion in infrastructure value not officially recorded by regulators or air navigation service providers.

UAM Geomatics will offer customers capabilities such as identifying simple “verti-pairs” (flights between two vertiports) that can support profitable eVTOL operations. The business unit will also help cities analyze what investments in ground infrastructure and air traffic management systems are required to roll out UAM operations.

UAM Geomatics is partnering with Blue Raster, an award‐winning Esri pioneer in interactive ArcGIS technology. According to a press release, Blue Raster fields a strong team of geomatics professionals with specialties including enterprise architecture, cloud computing, geographic information systems, Amazon Web Services, internet mapping, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcSDE, Adobe Flex, ColdFusion, SQL Server, requirements analysis, rich internet applications, web applications, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Dyment, who will serve as UAM Geomatics’ managing director, has 40 years of experience in aerospace finance. He holds a B.Sc.E in Geomatics Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, and a Master of Science in Aeronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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