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Oxis demonstrating Li-S battery technology with Bye Aerospace

Oxis Energy and Bye Aerospace are moving forward with their joint effort to demonstrate the value of lithium-sulfur batteries for electric aviation.

Bye eFlyer for Oxis demo
Bye Aerospace is developing electric airplanes for flight training and transportation. With its lithium-sulfur battery technology, Oxis Energy aims to double their flight time. Bye Aerospace Photo

The U.K.-based battery developer and Colorado manufacturer of electric aircraft have now started the 12-month collaborative program they announced in late July. The effort seeks to achieve a 50 to 100 percent increase in flight time from a single charge on future Bye Aerospace aircraft.

The program will test Oxis cells and modules against the performance characteristics of existing and soon-to-be-announced Bye Aerospace models. Oxis hopes to demonstrate the advantages of its lithium-sulfur technology for future aviation applications, including potential eVTOL applications.

“We believe this collaboration will offer Bye Aerospace the confidence that Oxis lithium-sulfur systems will deliver the battery technology that meets the demanding performance and quality required to increase the efficiencies of their future electric aircraft,” stated Oxis CEO Huw Hampson-Jones. “Oxis is focusing its research and development on the transformation of piston and turboprop aircraft that is required for regional flight transportation. We believe this to be the first phase in the electrification of commercial aircraft and will ultimately form the basis for the electrification of air taxis, with the additional requirement for regional aircraft.”

Oxis said its innovative lithium-sulfur batteries will deliver in excess of 500 Wh/kg at 20 Ah capacity, offering a two-fold reduction in battery system weight compared to existing lithium-ion technology and translating to a significant increase in flight time. The company previously told eVTOL.com it is also exploring a longer-term project to develop and demonstrate a proof-of-concept battery for eVTOL applications.

Based in Denver, Bye Aerospace is developing several electric airplane models for flight training and transportation, including the eFlyer 2 and eFlyer 4.

“Oxis Energy’s battery technology continues to be an important consideration, and we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate in this way,” stated Bye Aerospace CEO George E. Bye.

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