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P3 Tech, Five-Alpha to partner on urban air mobility consulting services

P3 Tech Consulting and Five-Alpha are partnering to provide consulting services to states, cities and municipalities on urban air mobility policy, implementation and standardization.

urban air mobility vertiport
Five-Alpha and P3 Tech announce a strategic partnership to advise localities on urban air mobility policy and strategy. Pictured: An Uber/Mithun vertiport design mock-up.

P3 Tech, founded by retired Air Force lawyer Dawn Zoldi, specializes in technology law, regulation and policy, while Five-Alpha, run by Rex Alexander, is a recognized industry leader in infrastructure standards, regulations and code development.

P3 Tech and Five-Alpha will work jointly to help municipalities, cities and states develop a strategy and policies to smartly embrace urban air mobility.

“We see a significant increase in demand for solutions across policy development, urban planning, standardization and optimization,” said Zoldi. “Planning for smart cities needs to start now.”

Alexander, who previously worked for Uber Elevate and is an infrastructure advisor to the Vertical Flight Society, told that the percentage of his work associated with urban air mobility has increased from about 15 to 50 percent over the last two years.

“When you look at doing business in a single state or municipality, it [can be] pretty simple. But when you want to do business in 20 or 30 different municipalities, each could be different,” Alexander told “The biggest problem we have down the road is standardization. If you have to do things differently in every locality, that’s going to run costs up. The goal for the next few years is to get states and municipalities to align with best practices so that at least the starting point is similar.

“We have the technology figured out and it’s moving fast. The problem is, policy is three years behind. To make the technology happen, we have to get the policy right or we’re going to fall flat on our face.”

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  1. Build outs for infrastructure will all be different, therefore we need the FAA to develop their CONOPS to allow US standardization. This is especially true for Vertiports. Most helipads now are private use and restricted. This will need to change with the help of AFWERX/ Agility Prime and NASA AAM. AIRWORTHINESS will play a critical role for standardization and scale ability for ORBS in the UAM environment.

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