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Samad Aerospace launches Starling Cargo eVTOL

Samad Aerospace this week announced that it has started the certification process for its Starling Cargo eVTOL aircraft.

Samad Starling Cargo eVTOL
Samad Aerospace has revealed a remotely piloted cargo version of its Starling eVTOL concept. Samad Aerospace Image

The Starling Cargo, which will be remotely piloted and include an autopilot capability, is targeting a cruising speed of 95 miles per hour (over 150 kilometers per hour) and a flight ceiling of 10,000 feet. With a range of up to 135 miles (215 km), it will enable flexible point-to-point transport of payloads up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds). 

Samad’s announcement comes less than two months after the initial hover testing of its second half-scale eStarling prototype, a hybrid-electric aircraft being developed for intercity passenger transport. In pursuing the eStarling and Starling Cargo projects, the UK-based green technology startup says it is working to “revolutionize the way humans and goods fly around the world.” Samad’s CEO, Dr. Seyed Mohseni, commented, “Our fully electric VTOL Starling Cargo aircraft will change the future of transportation reducing emissions and carbon footprint of air cargo.” 

Samad reports interest in the cargo variant from a variety of industries needing to transport high-value cargo, including the oil-and-gas sector, gemstone mining, and medical logistics. The company also cites the potential of the aircraft in emergency response, with the aircraft able to deliver critical humanitarian cargo such as food, medicine, and equipment to remote geographical regions or areas of damaged infrastructure.  

Samad is currently accepting pre-orders for the Starling Cargo, with delivery scheduled for Q4 2022. 

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