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Skyports to begin passenger experience trials in France in the coming months

Vertiport infrastructure company Skyports said it plans to begin passenger experience trials at its Cergy-Pontoise vertiport testbed near Paris, France, in the coming months.

Skyports is partnering with SITA, an air transport IT specialist, to provide a digital network for its vertiport testbed near Paris, France. Skyports / SITA Image

Skyports is partnering with SITA, an air transport IT specialist, to provide a digital network for its vertiport. The companies said the technology will be in place in September to demonstrate how passengers would be able to navigate the advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem and complete a full passenger journey — from arriving at the vertiport terminal to departing in an eVTOL aircraft.

Providing a glimpse into how this journey could work, Skyports said passengers will be able to book and reserve flights on an eVTOL aircraft through a mobile app powered by SITA’s biometric capabilities. When they arrive at a vertiport, SITA’s face pods will be used to identify and verify passengers.

By integrating SITA’s Smart Path technology, Skyports said it is aiming to develop a seamless, technology-driven experience for eVTOL passengers travelling through one of its vertiports.

“Advanced Air Mobility has presented an opportunity to reimagine the entire travel experience, from the vehicles we use and energy sources we rely on, right down to the way passengers book and check in to flights,” said Duncan Walker, CEO of Skyports, in a press release. “We are partnering with SITA to move into this next crucial stage in the planning and development of the AAM industry — defining the experience for end-users.”

Skyports is one of about 30 other partners that are a part of the Re.Invent Air Mobility initiative led by Groupe ADP, Choose Paris Region, and RATP Groupe. The goal of the initiative is to launch eVTOL operations in time for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Skyports said its testbed is Europe’s first operational testing site for AAM, providing the eVTOL developers that are a part of the initiative, such as EHang, Volocopter, Vertical Aerospace, Airbus and Ascendance Flight Technologies, access to the facility to prepare for passenger-carrying operations.

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