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Skyports and Brent Cross to partner on air taxi vertiport serving London

Skyports, a U.K.-based owner and operator of vertiport infrastructure for the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry, is teaming up with Brent Cross South Limited Partnership, a joint venture between Argent Related and Barnet Council, for the development of a passenger air taxi vertiport at Brent Cross Town in north west London.

Skyports Brent Cross
Skyports will work with Brent Cross to plan a future passenger air taxi vertiport and engage with external regulatory bodies to obtain relevant permissions. Skyports Image

Located in the north London Borough of Barnet, the 180-acre Brent Cross Town development is undergoing a £7 billion regeneration as a mixed-use community offering both open space parkland and easy access to central London. The vertiport will complement a new rail station scheduled for completion in 2022.  

Skyports expects to complete an interim vertiport at Brent Cross Town as early as 2024. A permanent location would follow with final decisions as to location and design informed by Skyports’ experience in the emerging AAM market and the local knowledge of the Brent Cross Town team and Barnet Council.  

The inclusion of the vertiport as part of the town’s planning process is a highlight of the partnership. “This exciting project is a sign of huge progress within the industry,” stated Skyports CEO Duncan Walker. “The very fact that vertiports are being planned for construction in mixed-use neighborhoods such as Brent Cross Town demonstrates the direction in which the industry is moving and the increasing confidence in its success.”    

André Gibbs, partner at Argent Related, concurred, stating: “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Skyports to provide a vertiport at Brent Cross Town and demonstrate our approach to future proof transport infrastructure. The vertiport would strengthen transport connections into and out of central London and would complement the new train station, the existing tube links, comprehensive road connectivity, and cycleways.”  

Skyports brings an in-house team of airport planners, regulatory experts, airspace experts, software and hardware developers to the project, saying that it remains “completely focused on vertiports which are safe, practical, and in locations which will make a positive impact on daily life.”  

Skyports previously collaborated with Volocopter on a full-scale air taxi vertiport for a demonstration in Singapore in 2019 and is currently exploring AAM vehicle-vertiport operations in Asia and the Americas in partnership with Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions.   

The Brent Cross Town team and Barnet Council will lead introductions with local stakeholders and contractors to facilitate access to enable Skyports to undertake preliminary investigative works for the Brent Cross Town project. 

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