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Skyports and Kanematsu partner on advanced air mobility in Japan

U.K.-based Skyports and Japanese trading company Kanematsu Corporation have announced a memorandum of understanding to expand their collaboration on advanced air mobility (AAM) in Japan.

Skyports vertiport
Skyports and Kanematsu are partnering on both vertiport and drone delivery solutions in Japan. Skyports Image

According to a press release, the companies aim to work together to facilitate the deployment and operation of permanent and sustainable AAM transport solutions for both passengers and cargo.

Skyports and Kanematsu began their collaboration last year with a focus on vertiport infrastructure, and have now extended the agreement to include the drone delivery market. Skyports is a designer and builder of vertiports and also provides drone delivery through its logistics arm, Delivery by Skyports.

“Establishing a presence in new markets, especially in an emerging industry, requires considerable expertise, as well as detailed understanding of local regulatory and political frameworks,” stated Skyports CEO Duncan Walker. “Working with partners such as Kanematsu, we have a world-class, local presence which will do much to support our first steps to success in Japan.”

Yoshiya Miyabe of Kanematsu’s Motor Vehicles & Aerospace Division said: “We are excited to have a strong partnership with Skyports, the world leader in ground infrastructure solutions for AAM and drone delivery. We see a huge opportunity for AAM and drone delivery to benefit the future of transportation for both people and goods.”

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  1. Use a traditional Airport.
    Stay over rivers in cities not fly over buildings where possible, to avoid turbulence at low altitude.
    Have Skyports on the ground in carparks with repeated take off and landing without skyscraper turbulence.
    PILOTS IN ALL AIRCRAFT. Google Self Drive tends to not be successful.

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