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Skyports partners with LAZ Parking to develop vertiports in LA

Vertiport owner and operator Skyports is partnering with LAZ Parking, one of the largest parking companies in the United States, to develop and deploy vertiports to accommodate the future of electric air taxis in Los Angeles.

Skyports vertiports
U.K.-based Skyports recently struck a deal with LAZ Parking to develop vertiports in Los Angeles for the advanced air mobility industry. Skyports Image

“We’re excited to be working with LAZ Parking to deploy take-off and landing sites for electric air taxis, first in Los Angeles followed by the rest of the U.S.,” said Addison Ferrell, head of Americas for Skyports, in a press release. “LAZ is an ideal partner for Skyports because it has operated in the area for many years, and with that comes strong partnerships and a deep understanding of the mobility landscape.”

This is one of a number of partnerships Skyports has struck around the world for the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. Last month, the United Kingdom company entered into a partnership with SEA Milan Airports to investigate the possibility of developing and operating a network of vertiports in Italy.

The company also secured other partnerships to develop vertiports in London, Malaysia, and Japan, among other markets. Vertiports are dedicated sites that allow eVTOL aircraft to take-off, land, and recharge.

“This partnership with Skyports is both an acknowledgement of LAZ’s leadership in the area of technology and a recognition of our excellence in both traditional and tech-enabled parking and last-mile mobility solutions,” said Alan Lazowski, chair and CEO of LAZ Parking. “We are honored and excited to be partnering on the implementation of this cutting-edge service with Skyports, a company as committed to innovation, sustainability, and customer service as we are at LAZ.”

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