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Triumph to provide engineering services to Jaunt Air Mobility

Triumph Group has formalized an agreement to provide engineering and manufacturing services for Jaunt Air Mobility’s Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA).

Jaunt Air Mobility ROSA
Jaunt Air Mobility says its ROSA concept combines “the best features available from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.” Jaunt Image

Triumph and Jaunt announced a non-binding memorandum of understanding at the Uber Elevate Summit earlier this year. On Oct. 23, the companies confirmed the agreement with a signing ceremony at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Under the agreement, Triumph will support Jaunt’s efforts to design, develop, and build a full-scale demonstration version of its eVTOL concept, a single-rotor compound aircraft that can reduce main rotor rpm during cruise to reduce noise and drag. Triumph business unit Triumph Aerospace Structures will design and test the aircraft structure to optimize weight, cost, and producibility for urban air mobility operations.

Triumph Group and Jaunt Air Mobility signing
Triumph Aerospace Structures executive VP Pete Wick and Jaunt CEO Kaydon Stanzione at the signing ceremony at NBAA. Triumph Group Photo

“Working with Jaunt and our other partners, Triumph will help bring our ROSA technology to market,” stated Jaunt CEO Kaydon Stanzione. “Triumph’s experience in airframe development, usage of advanced thermoplastics in primary structure, and expansive manufacturing capabilities are essential for bringing Jaunt’s eVTOL vehicle to market in a timely, safe, and affordable manner.”

Pete Wick, Triumph Aerospace Structures executive vice president, added, “We believe Triumph’s experience in platform development through certification and into high rate production, utilizing our proprietary thermoplastic technologies, will enable Jaunt to be the leader in this revolutionary market.”

The engineering services will be provided at Triumph’s Technology and Engineering Center in Arlington, Texas, with final assembly of the demonstration vehicle taking place at the company’s manufacturing site in Red Oak, Texas.

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