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Uber Elevate co-founder Nikhil Goel leaves to pursue new venture

Nikhil Goel, one of the original authors of the Uber Elevate white paper published in 2016, announced he has departed from the mobility company to pursue a new project.

Nikhil Goel Uber Elevate 2019
Nikhil Goel as master of ceremonies at the 2019 Uber Elevate Summit in Washington, D.C. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Photo

“I could have never predicted the incredible journey that would follow after Jeff Holden, Mark Moore and I first pressed publish on the Elevate whitepaper in 2016,” Goel wrote on Twitter. “I am deeply proud to have been part of the journey since and continue to remain humbled as I watch entrepreneurs across the UAM industry go on to finally bring the ever-elusive flying car to reality in this decade.”

Goel was co-founder and head of product for Elevate, which has brought visibility, investment and expertise to eVTOL aircraft and urban air mobility through engineering thought leadership — such as the electric Common Reference Models, or eCRMs — and the promise of Uber’s mobility network. Goel left Elevate in August, according to his LinkedIn, after just over four years with the division and five years with Uber.

Uber eCRM-001
One of the “common reference model” aircraft designs released by Uber as inspiration for the industry. eCRM-001, Uber Image

Goel hasn’t announced his next project yet, but hinted that it likely involves “mak[ing] cities smarter, better, more efficient places to live.” He has also started advising and investing in companies within the eVTOL space.

Elevate, now led by former Zee.Aero engineer Eric Allison, continues to work with 10 vehicle partners — two not yet public — and numerous infrastructure, airspace management and city partners to launch initial commercial operations of Uber Air by 2023.

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