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Varon Vehicles partners with Flapz to promote UAM in Latin America

Varon Vehicles, a mobility infrastructure company based in the United States, has added another company to its list of partners that it hopes will help develop urban air mobility (UAM) in Latin America.

Varon Vehicles Flapz
Varon Vehicles is partnering with a Flapz, a flight booking startup company in Colombia, to help advance urban air mobility in Latin America. Varon Vehicles Image

The startup wants to create networks of vertiports with defined airspace corridors in the low altitude city skies in Latin America, as well as fleets of eVTOL aircraft that will use the vertiports.

To help the company achieve its goal of launching UAM in Latin America, Varon Vehicles has signed a memorandum of understanding with Flapz, a flight-booking startup in Colombia. According to the agreement, Flapz will help connect Varon Vehicles’ UAM ecosystem with its own network of users by offering its customers seats for initial flights for the yet-to-certified eVTOL aircraft.

“The way we move is changing,” said Ionatan Galeano, co-founder and CEO of Flapz, in a press release. “Technology has delivered the opportunity to completely improve how transportation infrastructure is embedded in our cities and this is fascinating.”

Felipe Varon, CEO and founder of Varon Vehicles, called the collaboration with Flapz an “exciting next step in our outreach to customers as we move forward with implementation of services in Colombia.”

He told that the company is still discussing when it will launch its first operation in Colombia — the first step is getting the operational permits from the civil aviation authority. The company is currently partnering with Jaunt Air Mobility and is exploring opportunities with other eVTOL developers.  

“Additionally, we are very much engaged with at least two world renowned multirotor aircraft OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] with which we’re looking at for our initial operations in Colombia,” Varon said. “Those are kept in confidence for now.”

Varon Vehicles said it eventually plans to provide transportation services in diverse markets, including logistics, medical, and government, but is first directing its attention to the tourism market in Latin America.

“We’ll be addressing the tourism market as it’s the lowest hanging fruit, but we’re also looking into those other markets to expand into as soon as it’s technically possible,” Varon said

Varon Vehicles first set its sights on Latin America about six years ago, but Varon said he was personally interested in the location for UAM for more than two decades — since his earlier days of developing drones.

Last year, the company launched a series of “Think Tanks focused on learning what would be needed for UAM to successfully operate in Latin American countries.

“These have been actively part of our conceptual developments with our multiple partners, and we’re now close to ending the 2021 Think Tanks,” Varon said. “They’ve been tremendously valuable venues since 2020.”

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