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Volansi reveals VOLY M20 drone at Agility Prime Virtual Trade Show

The unmanned aerial vehicle developer Volansi took advantage of the U.S. Air Force’s virtual launch event for Agility Prime to reveal a new small cargo drone, the VOLY M20.

Volansi VOLY M20 cargo drone
Volansi said the VOLY M20’s VTOL design will enable it to complete complex missions — such as transporting samples for analysis, diagnosis, or repair — with minimal to zero infrastructure needs. Volansi Photo

Volansi unveiled the drone on May 1 as part of the Agility Prime Virtual Trade Show, which brought together over 50 VTOL vendors to showcase their products and services through prepared materials and live video chats. Agility Prime is the Air Force’s effort to accelerate development of the commercial eVTOL sector.

According to Volansi, the hybrid-electric VOLY M20 can simultaneously carry up to 20 pounds (nine kilograms) of cargo and a 10-lb. (4.5-kg) sensor payload. Designed to meet the requirements of commercial customers operating in remote maritime locations — as well as military customers who require a flexible vehicle for resupply and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications — it has a 350-mile (560-kilometer) range, 75-mph (120 km/h) cruise speed, and more than eight hours of endurance for sensor operations. It can be configured with the customer’s choice of jet fuel or gasoline engines.

“The VOLY M20 was designed with modularity and mission flexibility in mind,” stated Hannan Parvizian, Volansi CEO, in a press release. “The user experience is a key pillar of this design. We incorporated all the feedback we received from our customers on the need for an easy to use, maintain, and operate aircraft that is capable of operating on both land and at sea.”

California-based Volansi plans to offer flight demonstrations to select potential customers once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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