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Volocopter gains EASA production approval with acquisition of DG Flugzeugbau

Volocopter is acquiring the manufacturing operations of composite sailplane maker DG Flugzeugbau, a move that will give the eVTOL developer Production Organization Approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as it pursues commercialization of its two-seat VoloCity multicopter.

Volocopter VoloCity
With its VoloCity multicopter, Volocopter aims to be the first company to bring an EASA-certified eVTOL air taxi to market. Volocopter Photo

Both companies are based in Bruchsal, Germany and have worked together for a decade on various Volocopter prototypes, including the VC200, Volocopter 2X, and VoloDrone. DG Flugzeugbau’s Production Organization Approval (POA) will combine with Volocopter’s Design Organization Approval to position the company to bring its VoloCity to market once the aircraft achieves an EASA type certificate, expected in the next few years. Volocopter is the first eVTOL developer to hold both of these necessary approvals from EASA.

“Our 10-year partnership with DG Flugzeugbau has been an extraordinary learning experience. Having this legendary industry leader on our side to kick-start scalable and affordable UAM [urban air mobility] for people and cargo has been a game changer,” stated Florian Reuter, Volocopter’s CEO, in a press release.

Volocopter production
DG Flugzeugbau’s expertise in composites has helped Volocopter iterate through its various prototypes. Volocopter Photo

Under the terms of the acquisition, Volocopter will integrate DG Flugzeugbau’s aircraft production segment and EASA Part 21G POA while continuing to honor existing sailplane production contracts. The remaining part of DG Flugzeugbau will transition into the newly founded DG Aviation, which will continue to develop and maintain aircraft and provide complete support for DG and LS gliders, according to the release.

“At DG Flugzeugbau, we have always continued to strive for perfection through unique innovation with gliders, vast aerodynamic improvements, and, for the past 10 years, with Volocopter’s eVTOLs,” stated DG Aviation CEO Holger Back. “We see the future in these aircraft and are excited to combine a section of our company with Volocopter to invest in the future of sustainable aviation while continuing our tradition of building gliders and maintaining aircraft.”

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