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Volocopter details its VoloPort design in a newly created handbook

German-based Volocopter has created a VoloPort handbook detailing its design plans for urban air mobility (UAM) ground infrastructure meant to support eVTOL aircraft operations.

Volocopter VoloPort
Volocopter has created a handbook that it plans to share with partners interested in developing and operating vertiports. Volocopter Image

The company said the VoloPort design concepts will be offered to those interested in partnering with Volocopter to build and operate UAM infrastructure.

“We are looking forward to partnering with interested parties around the globe to hasten the development of a sustainable UAM vertiport network,” said Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter, in a press release. “I am excited to soon see our VoloPorts in operation.”

Volocopter said the handbook came together through collaboration with aviation authorities, air operators, and other industry partners to ensure the vertiports will cater to eVTOL aircraft design, performance data, and ground handling needs, including charging stations, fire and rescue services, and aircraft maintenance.

Volocopter VoloPort
Volocopter said its VoloPorts can be modified and built on land, sea front, or on top of existing infrastructure. Volocopter Image

The vertiport’s modular design will include prefabricated materials that can be constructed in an area as small as 625 square meters (6,727 square feet). The company claims its VoloPorts can be configured for single level or stacked structures, and can be dismantled if needed. Additional landing pads and workspaces can also be added, and the construction can be modified to build vertiports on land, sea front or on top of existing infrastructure.  

The company’s VoloPorts, which were first showcased in Singapore in 2019, will act as a landing site for its two-seat VoloCity aircraft that it plans to launch in 2024 for air taxi services.

Creating the handbook builds on the company’s aim to develop a full UAM ecosystem, in addition to developing eVTOL aircraft. The company previously announced a number of partnerships to introduce UAM systems around the world, including South Korea, Italy, and most recently, Neom, an eco-friendly, futuristic region in northwest Saudi Arabia.

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