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XTI continues flight tests of TriFan 600 prototype

XTI Aircraft Company has relocated the subscale demonstrator model of its TriFan 600 to a test facility in northern Utah and is continuing its flight tests there, the company announced last week.

XTI TriFan600 prototype
XTI is using a 65% scale prototype to prove out concepts for its hybrid-electric TriFan 600. XTI Photo

According to CEO Robert LaBelle, XTI has already completed 21 successful controlled take-off, hover, and landing tests with the 65% scale, unmanned proof-of-concept vehicle.

“Now that we’ve moved the aircraft to an approved test site, we’re preparing for the next phase of flight tests,” LaBelle stated in a press release. “We’re very pleased with the results as the test flights continue. We’ve installed, tested, and validated the electric motors, the battery system, ducts, propellers, flight controls, electrical systems, and instrumentation.”

A hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft that is targeting the speed and range of a business aircraft, the full-scale TriFan 600 will have six seats and cruise at up to 345 miles per hour (555 kilometers per hour). XTI has selected GE’s new Catalyst turboprop engine as the core of the aircraft’s hybrid-electric system.

XTI also recently announced that it is exploring options for future assembly and support of the TriFan 600 in Guizhou Province, China.

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