EHang 216 Sightseeing Flights

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A video released by EHang on July 14 shows an EHang 216 autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) being used for aerial sightseeing trial flights in Yantai, a coastal city in East China. According to EHang, four passengers took scenic flights around Yantai’s Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular tourist attraction. EHang said the trials were part of a “world flight tour” that aims to demonstrate the reliability and versatility of its eVTOL aircraft. “As the world’s first provider of passenger-grade AAVs, we are honored to prove this game-changing air mobility solution by demonstrating flights to regulators, customers, partners and the general public,” stated EHang founder and CEO Hu Huazhi in a press release. “The positive supports and feedback have strengthened our determination in our quest to bring this new style of mobility to the people.” 

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