EHang’s Yunfu Production Facility

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A new, highly produced video from EHang shows operations at its eVTOL production facility in Yunfu city, Guangdong, China. According to EHang, the plant occupies around 24,000 square meters (258,000 square feet) and houses the major production processes for its autonomous aerial vehicles, from manufacturing of key components and carbon fiber composite airframes to assembling and flight testing in designated function areas. The company released the video on Aug. 18, when it had originally planned an Investor Day at the plant to show investors the operations first-hand — in part to dispel doubts raised by activist short-seller Wolfpack Research about the facility’s production capabilities. However, the event was cancelled due to the tightening of COVID-19 travel and group gathering restrictions caused by the recent Delta variant outbreak in China, EHang said.

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