Interview with SkyDrive’s Mark Blackwell

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Learn more about the history and vision of SkyDrive of Japan in this new video from the Vertical Flight Society’s Ken Swartz. Swartz caught up with SkyDrive global strategy manager Mark Blackwell at the 7th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium in San Jose, California, earlier this year. In an in-depth interview, Blackwell explains how SkyDrive developed out of Cartivator, and how the company is pursuing eVTOL development with the long-term goal of creating a true flying car. “At SkyDrive we really believe that compact size is one of the key selling points,” Blackwell explains. “So we’re looking at a smaller eVTOL, not much bigger than an automobile, with shorter range and endurance, but we believe there’s many user cases and benefits in that shorter range.”

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