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German eVTOL developer Lilium announced on Oct. 22 that its eVTOL Lilium Jet has completed its first phase of flight tests and will now move into high-speed testing on its way to a target speed of 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour). Those higher speeds are key to Lilium’s business model, which is focused on regional mobility rather than inner-city trips. Here, Lilium CEO Daniel Wiegand tells us more about the company’s vision for transforming how the world travels. (Video by Lloyd Horgan)

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  1. Today I feel very happy to be part of this new experience of flying cars, Daniel will already be at the Altar of the Pioneers in Showing the World his New Flying Lilium Jet … My World has changed since Today … I want to fly with God on, Our World Shifts to a Technology that Conquers the Heavens …OMAR, REP. DOM.

  2. We also monitor your progress and we have a slightly different concept on EVTOL.
    With our damage to the development of power batteries, it is necessary to use an electric generator that uses the energy of low potential pressure of the atmosphere directly in flight – it can give electricity to your electric propellers or use our air, centrifugal
    ejector engines. They can work for a long time without the use of fuel and without emitting CO2, the dimensions of the engine are 1.2 m in diameter, 0.5 m in height, the engine thrust is 55 tons

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