Lilium Test Flight — With Sound!

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The eVTOL community has been waiting a long time to hear what the Lilium Jet sounds like. Finally, Lilium has released a video of its fifth-generation demonstrator aircraft in flight with original audio. Published this week, the video shows an Aug. 10, 2021 test flight at Lilium’s headquarters at the Oberpfaffenhofen Airport near Munich, Germany. (Lilium resumed flight testing of its updated five-seat demonstrator in July.) The company notes that its seven-seat production aircraft will have acoustic liners to further improve its noise signature.

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  1. Eine tolle Idee, die von hervoragenden Leuten erdacht und umgesetzt wurde. Ich möchte aber nicht mitfliegen und von einem Hagelgewitter oder Eisregen überrascht werden.

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