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Lilium has released a new video showing a complete test flight for its eVTOL Lilium Jet, from vertical take-off to touchdown. The approximately three-minute flight — which took place on Oct. 1, 2019 — formed part of the company’s first-phase controllability tests and looked specifically at how the aircraft performs during banked turns in transition flight. Lilium has since moved on to the second phase of flight testing, which will see a full transition to wing-borne flight. “This is a particular challenge as it means passing through a zone where the airflow will detach and reattach to the control surfaces,” Lilium noted. “We look forward to sharing further updates on our test progress in due course.”

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  1. That is phenomenal, excellent test, I am very happy with Lilium and all its engineers, and the future is here, what I love about this, is that there are no propellers, it is something wonderful, totally, futuristic, as we saw it in the movies, now it is a reality, congratulations, now we all wait for the test soon with a passenger or 2 aboard the most fantastic Lilium Jet. Omar Herrera from the Dominican Republic, Caribbean, [email protected]

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