NASA’s LA-8 eVTOL Testbed

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A new video from NASA Langley Research Center showcases its Langley Aerodrome 8 (LA-8), a modular unmanned aerial vehicle that is being used to explore how different technologies and configurations of eVTOL aircraft will perform in the urban environment. Described by principal investigator David North as a “flying laboratory for urban air mobility,” the LA-8 is named in honor of Samuel P. Langley, who also gave his name to the research center where it was built. According to NASA, Langley coined the term aerodrome when he named his series of unmanned aircraft in the late 1890s; his Aerodrome #5 flew for 90 seconds over a distance of a half-mile. “It seemed fitting to honor Langley’s work as we explore unmanned systems,” said North.

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  1. Finest VTOL-s have variable pitch propellers. Thus, speed range of propellers is expanded by about 50%. Such VTOL-s can take-off and lift better, have higher top cruising speed, save battery power, and have a better overall control.
    The Stallfree propeller concept is a quantum-leap development of the variable pitch technology. Speed range improvement is 200-300%. More exactly, the props operate near to their maximum efficiency from zero (hover) up to a speed of about 0,8 Mach.

  2. Oltre l’efficienza di volo (e eliche a passo variabile, d’accordo) la caratteristica più importante sarà la sicurezza in caso di guasto o malanno (del pilota o del sistema automatico o di due eliche sul lato). Come verrà gestita? Nei nostri mezzi abbiamo già il paracadute balistico da 15 anni! (anche se usato raramente). grazie

  3. I am working on quadcruisers at the moment but I have to admit that this idea may be complex but brings a potentially good challenger to the rare solutions for hybrid drones.
    I have also been designing proper sense-and-avoid approaches with my PhD students. I am collaborating with professor Siu O’Young who was the first civilian to obtain the right to proceed with BLOS operations in Canada.

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