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A new video from Volocopter outlines its “voloCHRIS” concept for autonomous air taxi operations, developed with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The video describes how Volocopter’s VoloCity air taxis will be equipped with redundant systems, which “will take over the tasks and duties of the pilot, on the ground and on board.” Meanwhile, the aircraft will be connected to U-space, Europe’s digital airspace management system, ensuring “smooth and safe processes with all other airspace participants.” They’ll also have a direct connection to a mission control center, where operations will be overseen by specially trained remote pilots. “This is how we will enable safe autonomous flight for urban air mobility,” the video concludes. “We are ready. Are you?”

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  1. Autonomous flying with remote control is essential for the future of urban and free air mobility, based on eVTOL aircraft. To develop reliable systems is as important as the development of the aircraft itself. The current Corona crisis is showing in a dramatic way the vulnerability of our present air transportation infrastructure based on piloted high volume aircraft, dependent on runways / airports. It´s time for change.

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