Wisk’s First Piloted eVTOL Hover

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Just over five years ago, on Aug. 24, 2016, Wisk predecessor Zee Aero performed the first piloted hovering flight of its third-generation eVTOL aircraft. Test pilot Bill Shoemaker was at the controls for the flight in Northern California, which lasted for two minutes. The aircraft had previously flown in airplane mode without the lifting fans and booms installed. One year later, it would go on to perform a full eVTOL transition flight, which was highlighted in a video that Wisk released last month

This is the first time the footage has been shared publicly, and Wisk plans to release more videos from its archives in coming weeks. “Through this new video series, we’re sharing the milestones and industry-firsts that we’ve accomplished as part of our broader mission to make everyday flight a reality for everyone,” the company explained on its YouTube channel

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