Wisk releases new footage of flight testing in New Zealand

Brian Garrett-Glaser
Published by Brian Garrett-Glaser

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Wisk recently shared on its YouTube channel new footage of flight testing underway in New Zealand as the company works toward certification of its two-seat, autonomous eVTOL aircraft. The video includes a transition from cruise flight to hover and landing.

A joint venture between Boeing and Kitty Hawk, Wisk is currently flying at least seven prototypes of its two-seat model across locations in Hollister, California and Tekapo, New Zealand, and is working with the latter to establish early test routes as part of the country's Airspace Integration Trials program.

Wisk hasn't announced its launch city in the United States yet, but CEO Gary Gysin has said bringing autonomous air taxi operations to the U.S. is the company's "North Star."

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